In Home Care for Seniors in Fountain Hills, AZ

Comfort Keepers provides exceptional in home care for seniors to help with the transitioning process

Most doctors agree that the time during which you transition from full-time hospital care to your home following an extended stay or surgery is a very important part of the recovery phase. If you do not have a family member or some other form of personal care assistant, you may find your recovery takes far longer or you could easily suffer a relapse that puts you back in the hospital. While your family may attempt to provide you with much-needed help, their busy lives may prevent them from being there when you need them. At Comfort Keepers, we offer in home care for seniors in Fountain Hills, AZ, that is designed to help make this phase of your recovery go smoothly.

Our caregivers are not there to take over from your family, but rather to supplement any care your family is offering and to ensure that you are able to make a full and successful recovery. We realize that during your first few days at home, trying to take care of yourself and your home can prove to be exceptionally challenging, especially if you have recently undergone some form of major surgery. Our caregivers can be there to assist with a number of tasks, including personal care, grooming, mobility, toileting, and medication reminders.

Our Caregivers Provide a Wide Range of Services

While many agencies offering in home care for seniors in Fountain Hills, AZ offer their own brand of traditional care, at Comfort Keepers we feel that our clients know better than anyone else what type and level of services they truly need.  Because of this, we have developed a range of care plans that are among the most flexible in North America. We will work with you and your family to develop a care plan that will help you get back up on your feet after making a full and successful recovery.


Find out how our transitioning home services can help

If you are planning to be in the hospital for an extended period or a major surgery, take a few minutes to contact us now at (480) 401-5947. Our team of advisors is on duty 24/7 to field your questions regarding our in home care for seniors. They can also schedule your free in-home consultation with an advisor who can work with you to develop your transitioning care plan ahead of time so that it is ready to be put into action the moment you are released from the hospital. 

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